A Neighborhood Place Breakfast / Brunch / Lunch

Open Thursday thru Monday: 8:00am - 2:00pm
100 Bouthillier St, Galena, IL 61036
815-776-0240 | ottos@ottosgalena.com


This historic building, located at 100 Bouthillier Street, was originally built in 1899, right next to the train tracks on the south side of the Galena River.

Mr. Otto Sallman resided in the upstairs portion of the building for many years and intended to open a restaurant on the lower level. An article published in the Galena Daily Gazette spoke highly of Sallman's planned venture, describing it as “Handsomely Equipped.” Unfortunately, due to financial difficulties, Otto was unable to open his much-anticipated establishment.

Throughout the years, the building has been home to various businesses including a bakery, grocery store, pizza parlor, and antique store. In 2011, a cafe opened in this location and was named “Otto’s Place” as a tribute to Mr. Sallman.

Photo of the historic buildings in Galena
Photo of the historic building, located at 100 Bouthillier Street, was originally built in 1899
Photo of a historic building in Galena next to the train tracks

Otto’s place in lower East Side Galena throughout the years.


In 2022, Chef Kevin Scharpf and his wife Lyndsi acquired the building and assumed control of the restaurant, rebranding it simply as Otto's.

The Scharpf’s also own several restaurants in nearly Dubuque, IA – Brazen Open Kitchen + Bar; Brazen Reserve, a 12-seat private dining experience; and Birds. Serious Chicken food truck. Both the Scharpfs are native Galenians and had aspirations of opening a place in their hometown.

Now, they are enjoying bringing their culinary expertise and passion to Galena, adding a charming touch to the already incredible Galena experience.

Photo of Ottos sign
Photo of Otts from the front

In 2022, Kevin & Lyndsi Scharpf rebranded the business to “Otto’s”